Friday, March 7, 2014

Why certification is necessary?

How do the big business giants make sure that their potential clients become conclusive customers and keep going to them for contracts in the future also? The convincing of people takes a lot more than you would think. A person who has come to a company for an interview is more likely to get selected if he or she has more ‘certificates’ than the others who are there. Certification is account of the qualification of a person or an organization for a particular field. When they are given accreditation's by a well-known and competent certification establishment, that person, institute or company is held in a high regard. The certificates are issued when a person passes an examination or completes a course and when an organization gets good reports by an auditor. The highest standard in certification of an enterprise is held by International Organization for Standardization or commonly called ISO. They are the scrutinizers of quality of the service or products provided by a company. Many norms decide which companies get the honour of having ISO certification. For example, ISO 9001 : 2008 certification sets criteria for the excellence of management in any business.

ISO is a very famous designation union whose standards are set by groups of experts. It is a non-governmental group of people from different countries. Professional certification is given by many private certifiers with the help of auditors who are experts in the required area. The certifications are usually valid for a specific period of time and have to be renewed once their validity is over. Certifications are very much utilized by organizations like schools, health institutions, finance and brokerage as well as by builders and manufacturers of electronics. Any company that has met all the requirements of the standards set by ISO can be given certification, usually by some private audit service registered to the ISO. Many government organizations also give assurance of the quality of any product like gold and silver ornaments or even food. In India gold should be bought by seeing the BIS hallmark and processed fruit products are marked with the mandatory FPO hallmark.

In today’s times, people are becoming increasingly conscious about the deteriorating environment. The companies have to know that the International Organization for Standardization also includes environmental impact in the assessment of the company that is done. So, all companies who are ‘green’ are issued ISO 14001 certification and this is enough to convince the tree and earth lovers of the companies’ discretion when it comes to the environment.

Companies can benefit from ISO as the certification companies registered to it provide expert advice and pass unbiased judgement on the quality of your management system and thus helping them eliminate the blunders and improve their policy. When services are branded with ISO, consumers become confident that they are safe to use. The ISO certified companies are usually very trusted by everyone as they have timely inspections and assessments. Thus, such companies are very likely to have their revenue and sale percentage increased every year.

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