Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Training and certification goes hand in hand

For any kind of learning, first we get trained in that and then are given a certificate once we finish the entire learning process with proper training and when we pass the examination with the required score we get certified.  This entire process is very important for the individual to learn appropriately in the given time frame so that he or she can give out the required result when they are confronted with live job or any kind of difficult or different situation at the work place.  The learning process starts from childhood so all of us are mentally prepared and know how the process goes and sometimes the training or the certification course is really tough and hard, but one has to show patience and put in a lot of hardwork and effort in order to complete it and come out with flying colors which will help his or her future in the coming years.

Every training session needs proper agenda, designed tutorials, at times customized approach to the training, qualified and experienced trainer who is able to do justice to his or her job.  It is very important to have proper trainers and training sessions.  The training and accreditations should be supervised very carefully and they should be ISO certified only then they have lot of valued in the world market and these kind of certifications will get you job anywhere in the world.  Getting such agencies or institutes who deal with such certification is not easy.  Now-a-days one has to be very careful when it comes to investing a lot of money for the future.  Such training and accreditations need lot of money and one has to invest a good sum in order to get certified in a particular subject, which will hold a lot of value and will bring out his or her resume as the perfect one for the companies to recruit him or her for the dream position.   

The trainer himself or herself should be highly qualified and experienced to tackle any kind of students, and it gets a bit more difficult as the trainer would at times need to handle experienced professionals in their training sessions. Who are equally experienced, qualified and already have a good knowledge about the subject.  So in order to surpass them the trainer should be extremely well qualified in the subject that they are going to take the training session in so that they can clarify any kind of questions and doubts in the class.

These trainings and accreditations gives strong foundation to the individuals which in turn helps the country which can then develop itself with the help of these individuals who will put their knowledge to work and will also share it with others so that they will also become competent with the knowledge and will become more confident in their work.  It is a chain which goes on and on and creates awareness among millions and billions of people.  

A trainer is an instructor a teacher who has a greater responsibility as he or she is the one who will build the future of the nation and will give strong and confident individuals who will be able to perform their duty with utmost sincerity and knowledge which is required by their work.  It is always in the best interest of each and every one of us to get trained, certified and accredited in the area of our work, which will enhance our qualification, knowledge about the subject and help us get a better role and job in the future. 

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